Handi Drummed

Handidrummed.com is a website for disabled drummers made by disabled drummers. All the content on the site is contributed by other drummers with disabilities who want to show everyone that, no matter what your obstacle, you can overcome it and pursue what you love.

Inside you'll find drummer profiles, articles, interviews, lessons, information on helpful drum products, and links, all aimed at helping all drummers with a disability find hope, inspiration, and to enjoy playing even more.

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Introducing Paul Kellett

I'm proud to introduce our latest profiled drummer, Paul Kellett.

Paul is a drummer from the UK who has been playing since he was 15. In 1994 he was involved in a motorcyle accident that left him with severed nerves and restricted shoulder movement.

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Paul currently plays in his band, CopperBomb, using a combination of electronic drums and acoustic cymbals in order to allow himself to set up more comfortably and give himself unimpeded movement.

Lets all make Paul feel welcome!


Handidrummed Hoodie Design by Kim Rosario

Kim Rosario emailed me a picture of a "Handidrummed Hoodie" that he designed for himself. I thought it was neat so I thought I would post it. Maybe if I ever decide to offer merchandise again and there is an interest, this could be one of the designs!

Update/Correction on the Chris D'Sylver Memorial CD

I have a quick update/correction regarding the Chris D'Sylver Memorial CD. I originally thought that the person in charge of the project, Mike Ellis, was taking advanced orders of the CD to get the ball rolling and then taking orders once mass quantities were printed up. Apparently this is not the case; Mike is ONLY taking advanced orders and that's it. Once he decides that he has had enough orders he will no longer be accepting them. So once all the orders are filled, that's it, so get yours while you can!

Chris D'Sylver Memorial CD

A tribute CD in memory of Chris D'Sylver, who passed away last year, is in the works. The CD is a compilation of songs from members of, and is being handled by Mike Ellis of the MikeDolbear.com Forum. Portions of the proceeds will be donated to St. Margaret's Hospice in Chris' name.

At the moment advanced orders for the CD are being taken. When the CD is 100% complete and pressed, I will update the information on Chris' page and post a notification here.

Introducing Jonathan Soliman

I'm proud to introduce our latest profiled drummer, Jonathan Soliman.

Jonathan is a drummer from California who has been playing since the 7th grade. He suffered a tragic job-site accident that caused him vision damage to his right eye, and left side nerve response damage. But like all the drummers on the site, he didn't take that event as a reason to stop playing, and is determined to play the instrument he loves no matter what hurdles he may face.

Lets all make Jonathan feel welcome!

Scott Elliott's Band is Opening for Megadeth!

I'm excited to announce that our own Scott Elliott and his band Aarseth are opening for legendary metal band Megadeth tomorrow night, September 19th!

The show is at the Rave in Milwaukee, WI at 8pm. If you're a metal fan, are in the area and can make it to the show, come on down and show some support for Scott and the band.

Congratulations Guys!

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