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Basic Steps for Ordering Wedding Invitations

When ordering wedding invitations, you do not want to rush the process. You also do not want to cave to pressure from the salesman/saleswoman without having a firm plan in mind. There are a few items to consider.

NOTE: Buying online can be a great way to save money and find some really affordable wedding invitations. Plus your choices will be greater.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Ordering Wedding Invitations

There are millions of patterns, designs, and colors available for wedding invitations. Obviously, for any engaged couple, price is going to be an important factor. Before you begin shopping for invitations, you should have a list of important factors:

  • How many invitations will you need? Allow an additional number of invitations to replace any invitations you damage. Usually ordering an additional 10% will suffice. If you plan for 100 guests, order 110 invitations.
  • What color is the bridal party going to wear?
  • What flowers are in the bouquet?
  • What is your budget?
  • What enclosures will you need? (RSVP card, reception card, directions card, etc.)
  • What printing process do you prefer? (Handwritten, engraved, Thermography, etc.)
  • What font and font size appeals to you?
  • Do you need formal or informal invitations?
  • Is your wedding outside or inside? Will you need rain out cards? (Cards that give alternate plans in case the wedding cannot be held outside due to weather.)

Nail Down the Details

Before heading out and doing some shopping, make sure you know all of your wedding details (time, place, date, directions, etc.). Also have the wedding invitation wording that will be used on the invitations.

Allow Yourself Time to Think

The next step is to find a few styles that appeal to both the bride and groom. Get prices on them all and see which fits into your budget. Once you have done this, reflect on it overnight. Sometimes, a little reflection helps firm up your choice or discounts one choice all together.

If you shop at a local store, salesmen and women can be rather pushy. Do not allow them to suggest their favorite designs. Some of these salesmen and saleswomen will push hard enough that you find yourself unable to say no to what they are suggesting. Never allow a salesman or saleswoman to pressure you into an unwanted design.

If purchasing online, ask for samples of your favorite cards and designs to be mailed to you first. Seeing the paper close up should be a deciding factor for any card you think you like.

Plan Ahead

Usually, wedding invitations take at least two or three weeks to arrive after you have ordered them. If a mistake has been made (it can happen), you will need additional time to have a new batch printed. You also need a week or so to stuff and address the invitations. Therefore, be sure to order them well in advance.

Wedding invitations should be mailed out at least six weeks before the wedding. You should order your wedding invitations at least ten to twelve weeks before your wedding day. You do not want to rush the process, as that will lead to mistakes and additional stress.

Wedding invitations should be a reflection of your personality, taste, and style. Take your time when choosing a style that suits you as a couple. The last thing you want is to feel pressured into settle for a design instead of truly loving it!